Hawaiian White Coral Disease

Coral Reefs in Crisis

Terry Lilley

Terry is a marine biologist and videographer residing in Hanalei , Hawaii. For the past two years he has documented the rapid spread of this white coral disease throughout the reef system of Kauai.


  • 1000 hour underwater marine survey on Lingcod and other rockfish with associated TV movie.
  • 3000 hours filming marine life in California and Kauai for the Save Our Seas Organization, Channel 2 TV and Channel 9 TV Series, OC 16, The Garden Island News and other newspapers.
  • Kelp Forest DVD production released for the Sierra Club and Surfrider Organization in 2010.
  • Hanalei Bay coral survey featured on CNN News, Channel 9 and Channel 2.
  • Roi research and ciguatera project for the University of Hawaii and associated movie for OC 16 TV network.
  • Underwater video and marine research done for Public release called “The Worlds Guide to Hawaiian Reef Fish”.
  • 15 News Articles in Kauai newspapers on coral reef and marine life studies.
  • Underwater lecture program and video for the Hanalei Community Center.
  • Underwater HD Video production for Seasport Divers and Watersport Adventures with 28 associated movies.
  • Video production for the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary Program.
  • “The Hawaiian Reef Movie” and “Under The Surf Movie” featured in a number of Kauai Schools.
  • “Kauai Spearfish Challenge” produced for OC 16 TV show and the University of Hawaii.
  • Steelhead trout survey for the Salmon Enhancement in Arroyo Grande Creek.
  • 1000 hour heron survey done in Shell Beach CA. www.pbase.com/lilley
  • Front cover article on ocean fishing in New Times Magazine.
  • Shark filming and research for Surfers Path Magazine with associated article “The Truth About Hawaiian Sharks”.
  • Great White Shark research article published in Surf Life For Women Mag.
  • Coral Reef study and article for a Hawaiian Surfing Magazine.
  • Kayak fishing study and article for Blue Edge Magazine. www.oceanexpeditions.biz
  • Shark study, lectures and consulting for Save Our Seas Organization. www.saveourseas.org
  • Shark study and article for wetsand.com, Breeze Magazine and Inspiration Magazine.
  • Research and article on Night Herons for the Sierra Club Magazine.
  • Extensive study, articles and filming California seawalls for the Coastal Commission and Surfrider Foundation.
  • Field survey on Calif. Red- Legged Frog in Oceano Calif. for SLO Co Planning Department.
  • 1,000 hour underwater study for the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary
  • Hanalei flood and reef study released to Channel 2 news, CNN news 2009, DLNR, ERA and University of Hawaii
  • Kelp Forest movie released for Jean Michael Cousteau Ocean Futures foundation
  • Army Corp of Engineers compliance survey on the California Red-Legged
  • Frog for Joe Boud and Associates. San Luis Obispo CA
  • Field survey on the Tiger Salamander and Red-Legged Frog for Prudential
  • Reality. Santa Maria Ca.
  • Maintained a large collection of reptiles, amphibians and other animals. Over
  • 20,000 specimens in the last 15 years.
  • Established the first North American captive breeding center for endangered and protected reptile and amphibian species. www.centralcoastreptiles.com
  • Biological studies in the United States, Mexico, Africa, Japan, Indonesia, Fiji, Costa Rica, Grenada, Canada and the Seychelle Islands.
  • Obtained Scientific Collecting Permits from the Department of Fish and
  • Game, US Fish and Wildlife Service and several Foreign Countries.
  • Captive bred over 20 species that were documented as the first breeding
  • in the United States.
  • Published over 20 articles in accredited wildlife journals.
  • Supplied Zoos worldwide with rare reptiles and amphibian species, including
  • The Houston Zoo, Sacramento Zoo, Moscow Zoo, Bali Zoo and Tokyo Zoo.
  • Helped produce, film, and supplied reptiles for two PBS television shows.
  • Built and operated the worlds largest private Reptile Zoo- Reptile World
  • USA. Featured in the Los Angeles times and on CNN News.
  • Originated a video series on animal care which was distributed throughout
  • the United States and in six foreign countries.
  • Conducted extensive geologic field collecting in Mexico and the USA.


  • Consulted for major corporations including AT&T, Airborne, and American
  • Airlines on new environmental technology.
  • Established environmental relation department for First International
  • Resource Marketing. Conducted business and public seminars
  • Monsanto Corporation: Endangered Species seminar facilitator.
  • KKCR Radio show on the truth about Hawaiian sharks
  • Target Seminars : Endangered Species regulatory compliance workshops.
  • PG&E Employee safety seminar: Diablo Canyon: facilitator.
  • Business and media consultant for Pacesetters Corporation: new
  • environmental technology.
  • Lecture at the Princeville library on the health of Hanalei Bay.
  • Public safety article on Rattle Snakes: San Luis Magazine.
  • TV series on Scuba Diving for Drive TV in California
  • TV series on scuba diving and pollution for Channel 26 in Hawaii.
  • Public shark lectures at the Institute of Discovery at Cuesta College and the Princeville library in Kauai.
  • Hour long radio show on sharks for Surf Talk Radio.
  • Lectures on marine life for the Sierra Club, Surfrider, Reef Check, Cal Poly University, sport fishing association


2010 PADI Dive Master Training course.
2005 Reef Check underwater survey class and certification.
2000 University of California at Santa Barbara : Endangered Species Management.
1999 CLE International: Endangered Species Act Conference.
1997 Cuesta College: San Luis Obispo Ca: Study of Mushrooms.
1996 Glacier National Park: Canada: Course on Bears and their environment.
1995 San Diego State University: California: Course on Australian reptiles.

1984 to 1990
U.C. Davis, University of Ohio, Cal Poly University (Pomona),
Florida State University: Short courses on reptile and amphibian natural history and identification.

1978 to 1984
California Polytechnic State University: San Luis Obispo CA.
Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. Minor in Geology.


  • California Kelp Forest movie done for the Sierra Club, Reef Check and Surfrider 2010
  • Hawaiian Reef Movie done for Kauai schools 2009
  • Invasive Marine Fish Species movie done for OC 16 TV show and the University of Hawaii 2010
  • Coral Bleaching study and movie done on Hanalei Bay and River 2009
  • The Truth About Hawaiian Sharks: Surfers Path Magazine 2008
  • The History Of Captive Breeding Reptiles in Reptile Trade News 2008
  • Night Heron Article in the Sierra Club Santa Lucia Magazine 2008
  • Face To Face with a Great White Shark : Blue Edge Magazine 2007

Study on the effects of “Reneu” to clean polluted soil. This new technology is owned
by First International Resource Marketing and I was hired to study its clean-up
capabilities in 1993.

Study on the effects of the “Vitalizer” to improve emissions resulting from auto
engines. One year study on many vehicles in 1991. Several articles published
in three newspapers and several TV news shows.

Test and study of the effects of water pollution on captive reptiles. Article published
In Northern Ohio Association of Herpetologist Publication.

Captive breeding project on the Solomon Island Prehensile-Tailed Skink. Article
Published in Fresh Water and Marine Magazine, 1998.

Research on reptile medical treatment. Article published in Fresh Water and Marine
Magazine, 1987.

Captive Breeding of Boas and Pythons. Article published in FAMA, 1987.

Field studies on the reptiles of Lower Mexico. Article published in Northern Ohio
Association of Herpetologist Publication.

Over 100 newspaper articles on wildlife and the environment upon request.



  • PADI rescue diver
  • Reef Check survey diver
  • NAUI open water diver
  • San Luis Obispo County accredited endangered species research biologist.
  • Federal Protected Species Permit—USA #PR1-2-5515
  • International Protected Species CITIES permits for Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong
  • England, Russia, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Denmark, Canada, Brazil and Mexico.
  • Mexico Federal Scientific Collecting Permit.
  • California Scientific Collecting Permit


  • Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary Program
  • Save Our Seas Organization in Hawaii and California
  • Reef check Certified Research Diver
  • Surfrider foundation biological consultant
  • Sierra Club biological consultant
  • Ships 2 Reef Marine Biology Consultant.
  • Central Coast Divers
  • Wildlife Educators of America
  • Southwest Herpetological Society
  • International League of Herpetologist
  • National Gecko society
  • National Wildlife Federation
  • Mycological Society